Product-descriptions for orgone pendants

Orgonite pendant from Orgonise Africa – for effective protection from radiation and energetic well-being.


Orgonite produced from a mixture of resin, metal and crystals, it possesses the ability to collect negative frequencies and transform them into positive energy. Negative radiation, such as that emitted from a cellphone, cordless phone, or radar, is miraculously absorbed and eventually turned into clean orgone energy. Orgone energy is the life energy, all-pervasive and omnipresent, which was familiar to earlier societies. Hinduism, for example, refers to it as Prana, Buddhism calls it Chi, our German ancestors spoke of Vril, and to the Greeks it was the Ether, which even today remains a very common term.


Wearing an orgonite pendant over the heart or throat chakra protects our bioenergetic field (aura) from electromagnetic radiation and psychological influences: Orgonite pendants offer effective everyday personal protection and are easy to wear. Orgonise Africa applies specially adjusted combinations of healing stones, metals and other energetic components, which are strengthened with orgonite, allowing them to develop their full effect.

Turquoise S pendant

Turquoise L pendant

Silver and shungite

Andalusite pendant

Lapislazuli pendant

Cyanite pendant

Turquoise S pendant

Tree of Life pendant

Tree of Life pendant

Hand of Fatima

Hand of Peace

Muti pendant L

Muti pendant L

Muti pendant S

Food charging plate


Muti orgonite HHG

Gold-lapis pyramide

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